FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO George Sterling


Thanks for Viereck's roast of Noyes (and supposing Noyes or Masefield will get the laureateship); a letter from Samuel Loveman; enclosing several works, on prose poems, and the sentiment in "The Doom of America"; beginning the narrative poem "Uriel"; on the pettiness of Auburn, where the school board is trying to oust the principal of the high school (with reference to the Auburn Improvement Club and Woman's Christian Temperance Union); on the weather. Postscript: On "The Palace of Jewels." Enclosed: "The Demon, the Angel, and Beauty," "Desire of Vastness," "The Doom of America," "The Medusa of Despair," "Nightmare," "The Palace of Jewels," "The Peril That Lurks among Ruins," "The Refuge of Beauty," "The Years Removed."

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