FROM George Sterling
TO Clark Ashton Smith


Thanks for inscribing the book to Mrs. J. B. Corynell ("Our Lady of Orchids"); Sterling has been in San Francisco with his wife, and sent Smith his books of Baudelaire and Verlaine; Sterling likes Smith's story from The Black Cat, comparing it favorably to Morrow's ("The Unconquerable Enemy"); a critique of Henri Bergson; enclosing a letter (and wishing to see the discarded poems); Sterling has no poems on hand, having been writing prose lately, but sold three sonnets to the International; Sterling's trip to Jack London's postponed, as Hopper threw his knee out helping Sterling bring in wood (sold to Frederick Bechdolt); enclosing a photo of Sterling, his "animal," and Gene Fenelon. Summer soon here, and hoping to see Smith at Carmel.

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