FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO Samuel J. Sackett


On Sackett's The Last Romantic, with a correction anent Edgar Allan Poe and Omar Khayyam, and another to Arthur F. Hillman regarding "Dweller in Martian Depths" ("The Dweller in the Gulf") and David Lasser; on Smith's reason for not writing fiction any longer; on James Blish's Eblis in Bakelite (including some further influences, namely Keats, Beddoes, Huysmans, and Ambrose Bierce, and quotation attributed to Lovecraft but really from Benjamin de Casseries), leading in to a discussion of Smith's ornate style (quoting Lytton Strachey), and mentioning writers who praised Smith's poetry; enclosing some reviews (though having misplaced Stanley Mullen's write-up in The Gorgon and Richard Stockton's in The Acolyte); on coining names (referencing Herodotus, Maundeville, and Flaubert) and use of exotic words; thanks for the feedback on Smith's French verses, and his work on Spanish verses; inviting Sackett to visit. Postscript: Not sure when Selected Poems will appear, but The Abominations of Yondo due out next.

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