FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO Donald Wandrei


Glad to hear the editing of the Lovecraft letters is finished; progress on typing Smith's poems (letter includes snippets of "The Unrevealed" and "The Nereid") with reference to Smith's Baudelaire translations ("Sed non Satiata") and previous collections of poetry (Sandalwood, The Star-Treader), sonnet-cycles The Jasmine Girdle and The Hill of Dionysus, enclosing "Surrealist Sonnet," "Sonnet for the Psychoanalysts," "Calenture," and "Some blind Eidolon," and some experiments in haiku (citing Amy Lowell and John Gould Fletcher); on The Eye and the Finger, The Web of Easter Island, and the Arkham Sampler; on Wandrei's new idea for a cosmic fantasy novel, mentioning Henry S. Whitehead; on Lovecraft, Shamballah, Blavatsky, the Book of Dzyan, and E. Hoffmann Price, quoting Price's notes; hoping Wandrei will be able to visit.

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