FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO Robert H. Barlow


Sending Barlow several landscape paintings and drawings, leading in to discussion of John Allan (and Pittore dell'occultismo: John Allan by Vittorio Pica), including a copy of the sonnet "L'Evocation de Scorphael", and the appreciation of Allan and Adam Sherriff Scott for Leaves; on a visit from Claire P. Beck, mentioning his copy of Lovecraft's notebook, and the possible selection from Sandalwood (with the fragment from The Fugitives, The Jasmine Girdle, and other material from Incantations), discussing how poetry should be kept for a time before being published; on a photo of a Khmer head; Smith having written a little science fiction, and appreciates the suggestion of writing historical fiction; on Barlow's eye-strain, and Smith lamenting how it caused John Allan to give up art (with Smith's appreciation of Allan's illustrations "L'Evocation de Scrophael" and "The Sorceress"); Smith on a program of self-improvement, with his measurements (mentioning Eugene Sandow and John L. Sullivan) and moderated alcohol consumption; expecting visits from Charles D. Hornig, and possibly E. Hoffmann Price.

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