FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO Robert H. Barlow


Thanks for Barlow's letter and copies of Leaves, apologies for the delay due to tending the Sullys' garden; on the suggestion of "The Last Sabbat" and Lovecraft, and "Sir Bertrand" by Anna Letitia Barbauld (referencing as well Supernatural Horror in Literature); on Leaves (including A. Merritt's "The People of the Pit", Lovecraft's "Cats and Dogs," Edith Miniter's "Dead Houses" and the quoting o E. A. Edkins in Barlow's "Obiter Scriptum; or, Succotash without Seasoning"), seguing into talk of nomenclature and illusion; Farnsworth Wright bought "The Garden of Adompha," the expurgated "Mother of Toads," and the revised "Maze of the Enchanter" ("The Maze of Maal Dweb", previously pitched at Esquire, but rejected for smacking of James Branch Cabell and Edgar Rice Burroughs) for Weird Tales; Smith to return the bound "The Hashish Eater" manuscript, with the addition of a fragment of The Fugitives; enclosing a Baudelaire translation ("La Beatrice") for Incantations, with further talk of that book and previous published editions by Smith (Nero by Claire P. Beck, Sandalwood, and The Double Shadow); on the sonnets Barlow quoted (with mention of Ambrose Bierce), devolving into a complaint about psychology and contemporary American tastes; a line on the storage of the George Sterling letters; Smith wrote three poems, one of which ("The Prophet Speaks") bought by Wright, an the best ("Desert Dweller") submitted to the Yale Review; glad Barlow liked "The Death of Ilalotha", and the rumor of the issue being removed from the stands due to the Margaret Brundage cover; on Barlow's account of a nudist camp; on the loss of Robert S. Carr in Russia. Postscript: Hope Barlow got the Henry S. Whitehead manuscripts for Leaves, and on a possible illustrated edition of "The Hashish Eater" with Claire P. Beck.

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