FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO Robert H. Barlow


On Nero and Other Poems (a selection from The Star-Treader) published by Claire P. Beck, publisher of Science Fiction Critic, who desires to bring out a book of Robert E. Howard's stories, and a selection of Smith's, who muses on a reprint of "The Hashish Eater"; on the bound manuscript of "The Hashish Eater" by Barlow, with thoughts on reptile skins; thanks for the painting and other grotesques; looking forward to Leaves and Smith promises to try and write something for it (mentioning "Shapes of Adamant") and "The Letter from Mohaun Los" ("Flight into Super-Time"), which was published by Hugo Gernsback in Wonder Stories; on the projected volume Incantations; Smith writing "The Garden of Adompha"; on sending copies of Nero to reviewers (mentioning the New York Times, August Derleth's review in Voices, Stanton Coblentz and Wings, Beck, Alexander Woollcott, and an advertisement in Weird Tales); a return to their argument on Communism, Russia, and the collapse of civilization. Postscript: Enclosing a squib on Communism by Benjamin de Casseres.

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