FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO Virgil Finlay


Glad to receive Finlay's letter (referring also to his illustration for "The Chain of Aforgomon" and Lovecraft's last letter suggesting they get in touch); thanks for Finlay's praise, and Smith in turn ranks Finlay with the likes of Arthur Rackham, Alastair, Sidney Sime, and Harry Clarke, with Smith prizing the original illustrations for "The Chain of Aforgomon," "The Black Abbot of Puthuum," and "Necromancy in Naat" (given to Smith by Farnsworth Wright) as well as the illustrations for Robert Bloch's "The Faceless God" and Lovecraft's "The Thing on the Doorstep"; on Smith's lack of writing the last two years, due in part to his mother's illness and death; on the death of H. P. Lovecraft; on the mention of Finlay's sculptures in Lovecraft's last letter, and Smith's own experiments in that line.

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