FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO H. P. Lovecraft


Hope Lovecraft is enjoying his visit with the Barlows in Florida; Smith wishing he could see Barlow's bas-relief of Cthulhu, and how he is sending Barlow some details on the genealogy of Tsathoggua to reconcile Smith's accounts with Lovecraft's "The Mound" (later published separately as Family Tree of the Gods); glad Barlow liked "Beyond Cathay" and Smith loaning him additional art (with reference to "The Colossus"), and Farnsworth Wright planning on using Smith's drawing of Tsathoggua for "The Seven Geases" and had accepted the revised "The Last Hieroglyph" and Smith is sending him the revised "Xeethra"; Smith asks for photographs of Smith's clay depictions of Cthulhu and Chaugnar Faugn, expecting Lumley to appreciate the latter, and looking forward to the phonograph records Barlow wishes to make; on Barlow's cats and snakes; a note on Auburn as a mining-district; apologies for the brevity of the letter, and including some clippings.

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