FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO Robert H. Barlow


Hope Barlow has received the cards, painting ("Beyond Cathay") and the manuscript for "The Devotee of Evil," with notes on the differences between the original and printed version in Weird Tales (and a similar note on "The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis"); thanks for the loan of A. Merritt's The Metal Monster; on H. P. Lovecraft (currently visiting Barlow), and a visit by E. Hoffmann Price; on "Vergama" ("The Last Hieroglyph") and the Zothique series; on Barlow's plan to make phonograph records of himself and Lovecraft; on weird material in The Overland Monthly (Wandrei's article on Smith, Smith's article on George Sterling, and "The Abominations of Yondo"); a bit of fun regarding Walpurgis Eve; thanks for the snapshot, and commiseration on their eyes (with notes on Smith's drawings for Weird Tales and going to the movies); on Barlow's drawings of Nushain and the salamander; mention of the Mass of St. Secaire.

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