FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO H. P. Lovecraft
February/March 1934


Apologies for delay in reply due to a cold; hope the borrowed volumes returned safely, and thanks for the loan of Arthur Weigall and Others Who Returned; glad Lovecraft likes Smith's article on M. R. James, and praise for William Lumley's "The Dweller" (some of whose correspondence seems to have been lost); thanks for A. Merritt's address, to whom Smith sent a copy of The Double Shadow and Other Stories; Herman Charles Koenig received The Dark Chamber and offers a catalogue of his library (with a note on first editions); on "The Weaver in the Vault" and Merritt's "The Woman in the Wood"; Smith intrigued by Lord Dunsany's The Curse of the Wise Woman, but has had a mixed reaction to Arthur Machen's The Green Round; on the Not at Night anthology Keep on the Light (noting Robert E. Howard's "Worms of the Earth" and Henry S. Whitehead's "The Chadbourne Episode"); Farnsworth Wright accepts Smith's drawing for "The Death of Malygris" and requests another for "The Colossus of Ylourgne," with Smith hoping he or Rankin will illustrate "Through the Gates of the Silver Key," and praise for Howard Wandrei's talents (particularly "The Sorcerer's Workshop"); William Crawford's Unusual Stories looks to be a bust, with Smith (smarting from the difficulties involved with The Double Shadow and Other Stories) sympathetic; Smith hinting to Hugo Gernsback at legal proceedings to recoup monies owed (mentioning Wandrei's recommendation of Nat Schachner); on E. Hoffmann Price's new venture, and hope he can visit, seguing into the local weather; a line on T. Everett Harré and Aleister Crowley; on Roman Britain, seguing into Rome, fantasy, and wine-making; on Kappa Alpha Tau and Smith's cats; a bit of fun on Lumley's lost elephant-picture and Chaugnar Faugn; thanks for the clipping and on a theory of the formation of planets; on the Loch Ness monster, Rene Thevenin, and Austin Osman Spare (which remind Smith of Machen's "The Great God Pan" and "The White People"); Smith finished a new Zothique tale, "Xeethra."

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