FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO R. H. Barlow


Thanks for Barlow's comments on "The Witchcraft of Ulua," a revised version of which has been submitted to Farnsworth Wright; on Barlow's proposed Southern Recluse Press (mentioning W. Paul Cook and Smith's own The Double Shadow and Other Stories costs); on Francis Flagg (mentioning an article in Science Fiction Digest, "The Dancer in the Crystal," and "The Picture"); on the word "geases" (as in "The Seven Geases," still held by Astounding Stories) mentioning James Branch Cabell's Figures of Earth, with Astounding also holding "The Coming of the White Worm"; Wright accepts "The Tomb-Spawn" and asks for an illustration for "The Weaver in the Vault"; Smith's mother laid up, and asking Barlow to type a copy of "The Maze of the Enchanter" for Astounding; on a copy of Odes and Sonnets; Smith including some drawings (with mention of Franklin D. Roosevelt).

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