FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO H. P. Lovecraft
October 1933


On Knopf's rejection of a collection of Lovecraft's stories (including references to Adolf Hitler and Hugo Gernsback); forwarding Farnsworth Wright's reply on "The Coming of the White Worm"; on a picture of werewolves, and a sketch of Tsathoggua which occasioned a Native American legend; on the October issue of Astounding, who had accepted "The Demon of the Flower," but rejected "The Tomb-Spawn" and "The Witchcraft of Ulua"; on Dime Mystery (and Hugh B. Cave) and William Crawford's Unusual Stories; on Lovecraft's dream (with mention of Robert Bloch), occasioning Smith to relate a weird dream of his own; on William Lumley (with reference to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle); Smith looking forwards to Lovecraft's "The Thing on the Doorstep" and praise for "The Festival"; on the new issue of Weird Tales, mentioning Robert E. Howard's "The Pool of the Black Ones," Frank Belknap Long, Merle Prout, and Smith's own tale; Smith switches typewriters; on F. Lee Baldwin's plan to print Lovecraft's "The Colour Out of Space" (and Smith's costs for publishing The Double Shadow and Other Stories); Farnsworth Wright accepts "The Tomb-Spawn" and requests an illustration for "The Weaver in the Vault"; Smith promises to loan Lovecraft "The Seven Geases" if Astounding and Weird Tales reject it, and has worked on both "The Chain of Aforgomon" and "The House of Haon-Dor"; on "Seaton's Aunt" by Walter de la Mare in The Riddle (mentioning as well "All-Hallows' Eve," "Mr. Kempe," "A Recluse," and "The Tree"); on Alexander Ostrow's letter in "The Eyrie" on Shakespeare; Smith's mother suffers an accident; a resurgence in gold-mining in Auburn; a note on the weather, and Smith almost finished with the drawing for "The Weaver in the Vault."

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