FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO R. H. Barlow


Smith answering his unanswered mail; on his macrocosmic perspective advice and Barlow's father; on book-collecting (mentioning The Collected Ghost Stories of M. R. James, "The Weird Works of M. R. James", Eliphas Levi's History of Magic, and Montague Summer's The Vampire), ending with a condemnation of Seabury Quinn for "The Malay Horror"; on James Branch Cabell, particularly as a stylist (with mention of Benjamin De Casseres and a comment in a letter from H. P. Lovecraft); Smith on having missed meeting Ambrose Bierce; possibly being able to procure a copy of Odes and Sonnets for Barlow if Smith can get to San Francisco. Postscript: Enclosing a card from Benjamin De Casseres to Smith for Barlow's collection.

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