FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO Donald Wandrei


On Helen V. Sully (who had gone to visit); on Smith's financial status; thanks for Wandrei's comments on The Double Shadow and Other Stories (mentioning "The Double Shadow," "The Maze of the Enchanter," and "A Night in Malnéant"); hoping Farnsworth Wright pays Wandrei for "Spawn of the Sea," with Smith already paid for "The Ice-Demon" and waiting for payment on "The Beast of Averoigne," with Wright holding ten stories to be paid on publication, including "A Vintage from Atlantis," "The Seed from Sepulcher," and "The Holiness of Azédarac"; on Smith's latest writing ("The House of Haon-Dor" and "The Witchcraft of Ulua"); Smith wrote his first poems in three years, interrupted by a visit by a rattlesnake; hope Wandrei can make it California; on Wandrei shelving Ebony and Crystal next to The Hill of Dreams and Hydriotaphia; or, Urn-Burial, with praise for Machen's "The White People," "The Novel of the Black Seal," and "The Novel of the White Powder." Postscript: Thanks to Frank Belknap Long and his family for putting up Helen V. Sully; on Gernsback's doubtful reputation for paying his debts, references to Hitler, and possible legal action to collect.

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