FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO August Derleth


Wishing Derleth luck placing his poems and stories; Smith's poem "Lichens" in Stanley Coblentz's Wings (with mention of James Thomson, Thomas Lovell Beddoes, and Arthur O'Shaughnessy); looking forward to Derleth's stories in Weird Tales, noted the reference to the Tcho-Tcho in Lovecraft's revision "The Horror in the Museum", and a reader asked Smith where to obtain The Book of Eibon; Farnsworth Wright accepted "The Flower-Women," and Smith will try "The Death of Malygris" on him, and had given three tales ("A Tale of Sir John Maundeville" as "The Kingdom of the Worm," "The Ghoul," and "The Epiphany of Death") to the Fantasy Fan; on the weather; on an encounter with a snake.

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