FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO Donald Wandrei


On seclusion being good for work, and praise for Wandrei's "The Lives of Alfred Kramer" in Weird Tales; thanks for Wandrei's comments on "The Last Internment"; on the failure of Strange Tales and the disposition or rejection of Smith's stories ("The Colossus of Ylourgne," "The Double Shadow," "A Vintage from Atlantis," "The Ice-Demon," "Genius Loci," and "The Third Episode of Vathek"); "The Plutonion Drug" accepted by Amazing Stories, and Wonder Stories by Hugo Gernsback very behind on payment (with mention of French Belknap Long); on Wandrei's first letter writing for a copy of Ebony and Crystal. Postscript: Smith has no plans except work, and trying to write something for Astounding Stories.

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