FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO August Derleth


Glad Farnsworth Wright took Derleth's "The Carven Image," and praise for Robert E. Howard's "Worms of the Earth" in Weird Tales; on Smith's acceptances and rejections (mentioning "Genius Loci," "A Vintage from Atlantis," "The Third Episode of Vathek," "The Double Shadow," "The Colossus of Ylourgne," "The Second Internment," and "The Seed from the Sepulcher"), commenting on postage rates, and the Claytons discontinuing Strange Tales; on Morrow's The Ape, the Idiot, and Other People (with mention of Ambrose Bierce); on sending "The Maze of Mool Dweb" to Lovecraft and "The Third Episode of Vathek" to Mark Schorer.

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