FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO H. P. Lovecraft
August 1931


Praise for At the Mountains of Madness (which came from Donald Wandrei and is en route to Bernard Austin Dwyer), with comparison to Edgar Allan Poe's "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym"; on Lovecraft's vacation and the continued fire-danger at Auburn; thanks for the picture of Lovecraft (which reminds him a little of Samuel Loveman); on writing "The Martian" ("Seedling from Mars") for Wonder Stories Quarterly based on a plot by E. M. Johnston; "Beyond the Singing Flame" headed to Donald Wandrei and "The Maker of Gargoyles" going to Bernard Austin Dwyer; "The Door to Saturn" submitted to Harry Bates, though "A Good Embalmer" was rejected by the Claytons, and "The Return of Halman Carnby" (as "The Return of the Sorcerer") to be published in Strange Tales; suggest Lovecraft submit At the Mountains of Madness to Amazing, a new pulp Miracle, Science and Fantasy Stories published by Hersey, Ghost Stories not going back to McFadden; Smith started "The Master of Destruction" (aimed at Farnsworth Wright, Astounding, or Strange Tales), and "The Cairn" ("The Light from Beyond"). Postscript: Smith promises to send the issue of Wonder Stories containing "The City of the Singing Flame."

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