FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO H. P. Lovecraft


A lengthy passage from the Necronomicon, to proceed Smith's "The Nameless Offspring"; forwarded The House of Souls to Bernard Austin Dwyer and received Lovecraft's copy of M. R. James, with Smith very much liking "A View from a Hill," "The Treasure of Abbot Thomas," and "The Ash-Tree," comparing James favorably to Ambrose Bierce (and "The Death of Halpin Frayser") and Arthur Machen ("The Great God Pan"); glad Lovecraft liked "The City of the Singing Flame"; Smith revised "The Return of Helman Carnby" ("The Return of the Sorcerer") and resubmitted to Ghost Stories, and finished "A Good Embalmer"; received a letter from Henry S. Whitehead via his secretary, as Whitehead has been ill; Smith revising his Baudelaire translations, including "L'Irremediable" from Sandalwood; on the current market, and Smith submitting his poetry to anthologies ("Symbols," Nyctalops," "The Nereid," "Palms," and "Sepulure" for California Poets and "Interrogation" to Principal Poets of the World; on Farnsworth Wright's rejection of "The Shunned House," and encouraging Lovecraft to try Ghost Stories; a week passes, and Smith has drafted "The Testament of Athammaus," and wonders at possibly collecting his tales of Hyberboria and Zothique into volumes; sending Lovecraft copies of both "The Testament of Athammaus" and "The Return of Helman Carnby," will return "The Shunned House" and M. R. James books anon.

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