FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO H. P. Lovecraft


Lovecraft's letter, loan of "The Shunned House," and a letter from Bernard Austin Dwyer all arrived; praise for "The Shunned House" (especially in comparison to Bulwer's "The House and the Brain"); thanks for Lovecraft's reaction to "The Return of Helman Carnby" ("The Return of the Sorcerer"); on Farnsworth Wright's rejection of "In the Vault," praise for "The Rats in the Walls," and a suggestion to submit to Ghost Stories, as Smith had done with "Medusa" ("The Gorgon"), "The Ghoul," and "The Willow Landscape," and comparing their pay rates to The Thrill Book; enclosing "The City of the Singing Flame"; on the causes of Smith's recent industry; Weird Tales returning to a monthly (with mention of August Derleth), and Farnsworth Wright may need to go to the hospital; "The Justice of the Elephant" was taken by Oriental Stories; expecting Lovecraft's copies of M. R. James from Dwyer, and will send Arthur Machen's The House of Souls to Dwyer in turn; on Machen, praising "The White People" and "The Great God Pan," the latter of which has inspired a story idea (to become "The Nameless Offspring"), with a snippet from the Necronomicon, as in "The Return of Helman Carnby" ("The Return of the Sorcerer"); on sinister fogs; sending Lovecraft "An Adventure in Futurity"; on working Lovecraft's suggestion into "The Return of Helman Carnby" ("The Return of the Sorcerer"); enclosing some drawings, "The City of the Singing Flame" can be returned via August Derleth or Donald Wandrei.

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