FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO H. P. Lovecraft
January 1931


Smith still sick with whooping-cough (though he had measles and chicken-pox as a child); a bit of fun regarding the statue Smith sent to Lovecraft by way of a happy New Year; on Weird Tales going bimonthly, Strange Stories unlikely, Oriental Tales, and slow payments; Smith finished "An Adventure in Futurity", but still hung up on the new Volmar tale; Smith working on what would become "The Return of the Sorcerer" (with mention of the Necronomicon; on the difficulties Lovecraft must face with revision; asked for criticism on a poem that begins "My soul has the arms of an octopus"; promising to send Lovecraft a batch of magazines, and airing his opinion on the science fiction pulps (naming as meritable "The Forgotten Planet" in Astounding, "The City of the Living Dead" in Wonder Stories, "Anachronism" in Amazing, "Golden Rosebud" and "The Green Jade God" in Oriental Stories), with comments on Frank Owen, Ghost Stories, and Hugh B. Cave; Smith finishes "The Return of Helman Carnby" ("The Return of the Sorcerer"), to be submitted first to Ghost Stories, then to Weird Tales (and joking he'd like to see it in Ladies' Home Journal), also "The Justice of the Elephant" for Oriental Stories, which is similar to "The Mahout" which Smith had published in The Black Cat; on needing to temper his imagination with science fiction to sell anything, planning a science fiction tale "Prisoners of the Black Dimension"; wishing Lovecraft would write another story, and asking for the loan of "The Shunned House" and Lovecraft's books by M. R. James when Bernard Austin Dwyer finishes with them.

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