FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO Donald Wandrei


On the death of George Sterling, with a quote from Benjamin de Casseres and a clipping from the San Francisco Chronicle; on Sterling's poetry, particularly "A Wine of Wizardry" (and Ambrose Bierce's eulogy of it), Lilith, Sails and Mirage, and The House of Orchids; Wandrei's article (The Emperor of Dreams) is out in the Overland Monthly; on how Ebony & Crystal was ignored by most notable literary critics (William Rose Benet, Conrad Aiken, Stuart P. Sherman); on Sterling's mention of Samuel Loveman's The Hermaphrodite in "Rhymes and Reactions" in the Overland Monthly (with a quote from The Hermaphrodite); Smith ordering extra copies of the Overland Monthly where Wandrei's article appears, promising two to H. P. Lovecraft.

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