FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO Donald Wandrei


Effusive thanks for Donald Wandrei fronting half the expense for publishing Sandalwood, and some details on the contents; enclosing two more translations of Baudelaire; on the alexandrine form in poetry (citing Dowson, Arthur Symons, Lionel Johnson, Rupert Brooke's "Ante Aram", Bergen Applegate, and Verlain); thanks for the book of Giver's Poems, mentioning "Dream-Flowers"; returning Shadows and Ideals; more on books, mentioning Honoré de Balzac's Droll Stories, Salernitano Masucchio's Novellino, Pierre Louys' Aphrodite: Ancient Manners, and the Heptameron; more on Smith's translations of Baudelaire (contrasting with William John Robertson). Postscript asking if Wandrei has read "The Sphinx" by Oscar Wilde.

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