FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO George Sterling


Continent's End: An Anthology of Contemporary California Poets arrived, with praise for Sterling, Lafler, and Scheffauer, but Smith not getting the vitalistic school; more pieces of Baudelaire that Smith has translated from the original French, finding the typical English translations bowdlerized, finding more than a hint of necrophilia in "The Corpse" (and comparing it to Poe's "Berenice"); Smith would write poetry in French or Latin, if he knew those languages; Smith walked into town, and his feet are blistered; Smith offers to type Sterling's poems; sending Sandalwood to George Steele Seymour for consideration, and if he refuses it, Pascal Covici. Enclosed: "Ciel Brouillé," "Le Coucher du Soleil Romantique," "La Géante," "La Mort des Amants," "Sed Non Satiata (From Baudelaire)."

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