FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO George Sterling


Thanks for the magazines; Smith losing mail; enclosing some more of Smith's translations of Baudelaire (blaming his lack of creativity on his injury); Smith connected with a local divorce; asking about the California anthology (Continent's End: An Anthology of Contemporary California Poets) and Gelber Lilienthal publishing books of verse. Enclosed: "Anterior Life (After Baudelaire," "Causerie (After Baudelaire)," "L'Examen de Minuit (From Les Fleurs du Mal," "Harmonie du Soir (From Les Fleurs du Mal)," "Moesta et Errabunda (From Les Fleurs du Mal)," "La Musique (From Les Fleurs du Mal," "RĂªve Parisien (From Les Fleurs du Mal)," "Semper Eadem (From Les Fleurs du Mal)," "A Woman at Prayer (From the French of Stuart Merrill)."

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