FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO H. P. Lovecraft


Glad to hear from Lovecraft after their break in correspondence, and that Weird Tales is still running; enclosed is "The Abominations of Yondo," with a request for Lovecraft to submit it to Weird Tales, the last issue Smith had included Lovecraft's "The Festival" and Frank Belknap Long's "The Ocean Leach" (which Smith mistook with "The Desert Lich"); asking after Long's critique of Smith; on George Kirk and Samuel Loveman leaving Cleveland, Ohio; enclosing two of Smith's crossword puzzles; Smith thinks Weird Tales may reject "The Abominations of Yondo" because of the exotic diction, and he hasn't finished "Sadastor" yet; Smith working on a story based on the effects of hashish, and the difficulties of prose-writing (with reference to Joseph Conrad); Smith's bone still bruised.

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