FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO George Sterling


Praise for Sterling's Sails and Mirage naming "The Queen Forgets," "Saul," "The Secret Garden, "Hesperian," "The Rune," "Atthan Dances," "The Princess on the Headland," "To A Girl Dancing," "Lost Colours," "The Wine of Illusion," "Vox Humana, "On the Sea's Voice," "The Morning Star," "The Evening Star," "Mammon" ("The Common Cult"), "His Own COuntry," "The Passing of Bierce," and "Poe's Gravestone"; Smith has heard nothing back yet from Houghton Mifflin on his book, and Smith's fears that there is no hope but to publish it himself (with reference to John Keats, Upton Sinclair's Brass Check, and the effect on Smith's latest affair); Smith enclosing an article from a local paper on literature, which mentions Smith and Ambrose Bierce, western novelist Jackson Gregory, and successful popular novelist Harold Bell Wright; promising to send some poems and drawings. Enclosed: "Placer COunty Scribes and Artists Shine Brightly Among the Stars of California's Firmament," Journal-Republican 15 December 1921.

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