FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO George Sterling


Enclosing a draft of "The Hashish-Eater" (with a comment from Samuel Loveman); condolences on Sterling's mother's death and Sterling's own ill health, as well as praise for his latest poetic output, particularly Lilith: a Dramatic Poem and Rosamund: a Dramatic Poem; on Sterling declining membership in the American Academy of Arts and Letters (with reference to H. L. Mencken); Samuel Loveman planning to publish a magazine in Cleveland (The Saturnian), and Smith's desire not to be associated with any school, even the Decadents; on "The Ghoul and the Seraph" and other planned poems ("Asmodeus and the Gargoyles", "The Colloquy of Christ and Belial," "The Girl From Venus") with reference to Felicien Rops, Charles Meryon, and Fran├žois Villon; on the poetic possibilities of hashish, quoting Arthur Symons' "Hashish" and mentioning Thomas Bailey Aldrich and Baudelaire. Enclosed: "The Hashish-Eater; or, The Apocalypse of Evil."

Note: A line from this letter "The first effects of hashish, like those of opium, are often disappointing to the Occidental" was re-used as the first sentence of Smith's uncompleted "In a Hashish-Dream."

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