FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO George Sterling


Difficulties with moving boulders for a ploughman; confusion on Sterling's last note regarding A. M. Robertson; Smith not yet received Sterling's sonnets (with interest in "The Muse of the Incommunicable"); on Sterling's poetry (mentioning Ambrose Bierce, and presenting "The Philosophy of Literary Criticism" to the Monday Night Club); on contests (urging Sterling to try for Mitchell Kennerly's Lyric Year Competition, and suspicious of William Stanley Braithwaite of Poet Lore as a judge due to his reviews for Richard G. Badger); on this being a devilish age for poets, with questions regarding Nora May French, and notes on Smith's collection of contemporary poetry (including Alfred Noyes' Drake, An English Epic, Bliss Carman, and mention of Stephen Phillips); enclosing "Dedication"; on "The Wharf of Dreams" by Edwin Markham and "The Harbor of Dead Years."

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