FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Catherine L. Moore
October 1936


A note in the Selected Letters says the opening and concluding pages of this letter are lost.

Lengthy and meandering essay on the general theme of economics and politics: on capitalism and business (with reference to Al Capone and racketeering in Chicago), seguing into those who let emotions overrule their reason, seguing again into a rethinking of his feelings on aristocracy versus socialism, moving once more into socialism versus capitalism and the New Deal, on commercialism and art (referencing Virgil Finlay and Weird Tales, and seguing into commercialism and weird fiction, referencing Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E. Howard, Frank Belknap Long, Seabury Quinn, E. Hoffmann Price, A. Merritt, and Donald Wandrei); on Virgil Finlay and his art (particularly for Moore's"Lost Paradise" and Robert Bloch's "The Faceless God"); on the plural of hiatus; on fan magazines (the Phantagraph, the Science-Fantasy Correspondent which will continue serializing "Supernatural Horror in Literature," Marvel Tales etc.).

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