FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO J. Vernon Shea


On August Derleth's books (Sign of Fear, Place of Hawks, and the unpublished Evening in Spring), on Robert Bloch killing off Lovecraft (in "The Space-Eaters" and "The Shambler from the Stars"), At the Mountains of Madness and "The Shadow Out of Time" both accepted with "The Haunter of the Dark" making the rounds, a warm autumn; recap of Lovecraft's travels in 1935 - the return journey from Florida (staying with Donald Wandrei in New York and meeting with the Kalems and Otis Adelbert Kline's son), a visit with E. H. Cole in Boston (and to Wilbraham, the model for Dunwich), a trip with his aunt to New Haven and Yale University, a visit from Samuel Loveman (with a trip to Boston), and then a hike with Cole in Vermont; a lecture Lovecraft attended on art and economics; Kappa Alpha Tau business.

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