FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Robert E. Howard


Returning to their old argument, Lovecraft admits a misconception and discusses chivalry toward women, police brutality, and necessary force (with asides on Communist propaganda, and Justine and sadism), returning to civilization versus barbarianism (and Romans versus Goths), on Texas history (and James Parker); on Howard's trip to New Mexico and other parts (seguing to towns turning kitsch), on the Spanish-speaking parts of the United States (compared with bilingual Quebec) seguing into racial inquiries and speculations; on the storm recounted in Howard's letter; on snakes (some fit for bookbinding); on the Barlow's cats (and Kappa Alpha Tau); on Robert E. Howard's ancestry (seguing into some history of the British Isles); Lovecraft to head back north; a trip to Rock Springs; July Weird Tales mediocre and Marvel Tales rotten, with no successor to the Fantasy Fan yet.

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