FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Robert E. Howard


Nationalities versus civilization; on police procedure, chivalry, and brutality towards women; on Howard's descriptions of East and West Texas, and the Mexican War (and the Woonsocket Patriot); on James W. Parker, Quanah Parker, and Native Americans; on Howard's cats and cows; on Weird Tales news ("Out of the Aeons," Howard and Clark Ashton Smith, Wright's attitude, etc.); on the Supreme Court declaring the National Recovery Administration unconstitutional; on ice cream; on visits from Robert Moe and trips to Newport and New Bedford (detailing many sights of interest and in particular Maxfield's ice-cream parlor); Lovecraft's visit to Edward H. Cole in Boston; a visit from Charles D. Hornig of the Fantasy Fan and Wonder Stories and Kenneth Sterling; another row of old Providence buildings to be destroyed (to make way for the Rhode Island School of Design, with a sketch of a "monitor roof"); on Lovecraft's trip down through Charleston, Savannah, and Jacksonville to visit R. H. Barlow and family in De Land, Florida (with a description of its lush tropical scenery and Silver Springs).

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