FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Robert E. Howard


Lovecraft returns from Florida and finds Howard's spider; on the trip, including passing through Philadelphia (where he visited Edgar Allan Poe's house); glad to hear Howard and the others are recovered from his car-wreck (and on the sensitiveness to the sight of blood); on Farnsworth Wright shortening the title to "Iron Shadows in the Moon," and praise for "Queen of the Black Coast" and "The Garden of Fear" (the latter in Marvel Tales), and on the parrot poem by Noyes; a return to their old debate (with apologies) on values and the mental vs. physical, on the ideals of government (citing Mussolini, Mustapha Kemal, and Hitler), on evolution and ethics, Lovecraft apologies for implying Texas is a barbaric state, on the survival of violence in the Southwest, on Lovecraft's proposed solutions, on violence being caused by outside sources, on violent crime in "civilized" regions (with reference to the "Battalion of Death"), on barbarians and degeneracy versus the image of the noble savage, on Lovecraft not considering his own region the most civilized (and civilization vs. barbarism revisited); on the abandonment of Ponnegansett Reservoir and discovery of a Nipmuc dugout; on Truett Vinson and Howard's trip to Carlsbad Cavern (with Lovecraft comparing to the Endless Caverns and Lookout Mountain); on a visit by E. Hoffmann Price (with mention of Clark Ashton Smith and "Through the Gates of the Silver Key"); on Howard's new markets (with mention of Jack Dempsey's Fight Magazine, Breckenridge Elkins, "The Devil in Iron," Terror Tales, and Dime Mystery; on Lovecraft's article on interplanetary fiction for Marvel Tales; R. H. Barlow's Cthulhu bas-relief and an elephant-god statuette for William Lumley; a pending visit by James F. Morton; on international affairs, particularly Austria; on Howard Wandrei and Donald Wandrei (with mention of "The God Box" in Astounding Stories); a sprinkle of rain.

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