FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO J. Vernon Shea


Lovecraft on the mini-essays embedded in his letters, on childhood recollections - Lovecraft's earliest being 1892, when his family vacationed with Louise Imogen Guiney - and going to early cinema shows, needing to catch up on reading Proust, seeing his friend Chester Pierce Munroe again after many years, his early sex education seguing into some extended thoughts on love, on the notion of time, his only serious consideration of suicide (after the death of his grandfather and moving out of his childhood home), on the mysteries that fascinated him in high school, his early writings like the Rhode Island Journal of Astronomy and "The Beast in the Cave" (written 1905), on the nightmares of his youth, on visiting the cinema with Frank Belknap Long (seguing into a discussion of theater, particularly Berkeley Square), on war and peace (particularly with regards to Germany, Japan, China, and soviet Russia), on inevitability in human life, a brief mention of Hart Crane's mother at Samuel Loveman's New Year gathering, the trial of the Scottsboro Boys (seguing into a discussion of justice), on an old acquaintance Walter J. Coates, on dialects.

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