FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Robert E. Howard


Lovecraft moved into 66 College Street; Lovecraft's aunt Annie Gamwell broke her ankle; Lovecraft hoping to visit Cape Cod with Frank Belknap Long; on a visit by E. Hoffmann Price and Harry Brobst (with a trip to Narragansett County, and an aside on Price visiting Clark Ashton Smith in California); glad to hear of Howard and his mother's pleasant travels; wishing luck on Howard's British story collection (and mention of "Dreams in the Witch House," "The Horror in the Museum," and "Out of the Aeons"); on the summer weather, and at Cape Code with the Longs; returning from Cape Cod, a visit from James F. Morton; enclosing a copy of the Fantasy Fan, which Lovecraft and Smith contribute to; on their continuing controversy, covering aesthetic development (with mention of H. L. Mencken), politics and sociology, special privilege, freedom, the alleged horrors of civilization, Lovecraft's light opinion of newspapers and radio, on Gothic barbarianism, on some of Howard's anecdotes from a previous letter, violence in the South during Reconstruction (with mention of the Ku Klux Klan and Nathan Bedford Forrest), on Howard spending a year in a settled city and civilized backsliding (also, Lovecraft interested at Howard's distinction of Texicans, Texians, and Texans); on the visit by James F. Morton; Aunt Gamwell's cast removed; a letter from Knopf on a possible collection of Lovecraft's stories; on Howard's early writing; a summary of their differing positions on civilization vs. barbarism; Frank Belknap Long sold a "confession" story; the first issue of The Fantasy Fan arrives; congratulations on the popular vote for "Black Colossus" in Weird Tales.

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