FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Robert E. Howard


On the death of Lovecraft's aunt Lillian Clark, and the abandonment of the rest of his trip; on trips to Cape Cod and Newport with his surviving aunt; Lovecraft offering to show Howard around if he ever gets up to Rhode Island; on E. Hoffmann Price; on the pull of native soil; on Howard and Lovecraft being opposite in their opinions on the Greeks and Romans; on the speeches from the Democratic National Convention; a brief note on "Pretty Boy" Floyd; on violence in long-settled regions versus the frontier; on the possible existence of gods and Lovecraft's Mythos entities; on the flooding in Texas from Howard's previous letter (leading into a discussion on science versus technology); on alcohol (and Lovecraft as a teetotaler); on an article on Japan; Lovecraft having trouble suiting the editors at Weird Tales and other small matters; Lovecraft's health cleared up, and his sensitivity to cold; Lovecraft now writing Hugh B. Cave.

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