FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Robert E. Howard


Thanks for Howard's letter, note, postcard, and copy of Oriental Stories (with Lovecraft appreciating "Lord of Samarcand" and "The Sowers of the Thunder"), seguing into Lovecraft's appreciation for alternate history; praise for Howard's "People of the Dark" and "The Horror from the Mound" (which, with Clark Ashton Smith's "The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis" marked the highlight of Strange Tales); on Olson, who besides Howard has also been writing to Lovecraft and Henry S. Whitehead, leading in to Lovecraft mentioning William Lumley, who believed in the reality of the Necronomicon and Howard's Black Book (and was writing a story on "The City of Dim Faces"); on cold, grey skies, sunlight, and shadows; Carl Swanson abandoning his publishing plans for the Galaxy, and other developments in the pulps; on Lovecraft writing an abridged Necronomicon and looking forward to more of Howard's Hyborian stories; on the Massie Case and parallels with Reconstruction in the South; on Howard's Hindu acquaintance and accounts of the dangers of the Southwest recounted in a previous letter, particularly the sandstorms and reconstruction fo Lourdes by Father Golbach; on Lovecraft's trip to Boston with W. Paul Cook and H. Warner Munn; bad finances delaying Lovecraft's travels, though he hopes to see Frank Belknap Long and Bernard Austin Dwyer in New York; spring in Providence at last.

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