FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Elizabeth Toldridge


Thanks for the Christmas cards, poetry anthology, etc.; on the future of poetry, Providence on New Year's Eve, on the health of various persons (Lovecraft's aunt, Toldridge's aunt, W. Paul Cook), on the cuttings Toldridge sent, on Edgar Allan Poe (and forgotten American poets of the 1830s and 1840s), on civilization (particularly the decline of modern civilization through unwieldy government and the results of industrialization on employment) seguing into an essay on economics of production and demand, and by degrees to Lovecraft's hypothesis of an upper class of technocrats and a Roman-style cultural decline; on Einstein's theory of relativity. Postscript on The Circle.

Errata: Date is 25 July 1931 in the Selected Letters and 25 January 1931 in Letters of Elizabth Toldridge & Anne Tillery Renshaw.

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