FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Frank Belknap Long


Ribbing Long on keeping his manuscript, on his annotations, on cultural change (and how to face it), on art and Yog-Sothoth seguing into a discussion of being an outsider (or of sensitive mind) and seguing again into a discussion of cosmic fantasy and his own weird fiction, on science (contemporary versus historical, with plentiful Classical references) seguing into a discussion of materialism and atheism, on thinking, on what is H. P. Lovecraft, on categorizing people seguing into talk of the contemporary machine age to Mussolini and Christianity, on traditionalism, on Long's biography of Lovecraft (and the source of Lovecraft's attraction to Georgian England, seguing into Romans and Teutons), on sincerity (and Lovecraft's hatred of religion), on quality in art, more on traditionalism, back to a discussion of science, progress, and the machine age; an autobiographical sketch of Lovecraft; on Lovecraft's ideal (and how Lovecraft falls short of it); on taste and opinion; more arguments against Long's position (with Classical examples); on expressing aesthetic feeling; on living an eventless life; on the materialist and traditionalism (returning to Lovecraft as an outgrowth of his home); on the American Protestant tradition; on the influence of a person's culture and civilization; Lovecraft's hatred of the typewriter; more on Protestantism, Rome, and Nordics (and Christianity in general); on music and a concert Lovecraft attended with Thomas S. Evans.

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