FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Robert E. Howard


Question on snake bites (referencing "The Curse of Yig"), on bull-fighting and ancient Crete, on Jews in New York City, on foreign influences in Texas, on travels in the Southern United States (mostly Virginia) and Quebec with lengthy notes on architecture, on dreams (and some elements of personal biography), on Howard's comments on Texas literature, racial musings on Russia and Africa, more on dreams (including mention of Lovecraft's dream included in Frank Belkap Long's "The Horror from the Hills") and Lovecraft's identification with ancient Rome, praise for Howard's handling of "Kelly the Conjer-Man", on Lovecraft's commonplace-book, on Howard's work for Fight Stories and being unable to write with more variation, on A. Merritt (mentioning "The Moon-Pool," "The People of the Pit," and "The Ship of Ishtar"), thanks for "Alley of Peril" and other materials.

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