FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Elizabeth Toldridge


Congratulations on Toldridge's sonnet winning the prize, thanks for the Dunsany piece from The Poetry Review, on W. Paul Cook and Vrest Orton, on Toldridge's cuttings (Rome, archaeology, ice cream, on a quote from Walpole, the absence of cats in Angora, etc.), on the sale of "The Whisperer in Darkness" (and Frank Belknap Long's "The Horror from the Hills"), on Japanese haiku (with examples from Lafcadio Hearn), on misprints, on Sinclair Lewis winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, on American politics, notes on Toldridge's poetry, Lovecraft's lack of fiction-writing progress (though "The Rats in the Walls" is slated to be reprinted in a British Not at Night anthology), Lovecraft's aunt's health improved, news on W. Paul Cook and Walter J. Coates. Postscript on Lovecraft's travelogue in the Macmillan Junior Reader #2.

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