FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Robert E. Howard


On suggestion as the height of horror (with reference to Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, and Farnsworth Wright); continuing their discussion of matters of history and anthropology, with much talk of races, particularly Jews and Arabs (seguing into the origin of Abdul Alhazred); lengthy origin and history of Rhode Island (with asides on Lovecraft's ancestor Benjamin Whipple, and possible ideas for tales of New England adventurers in Africa); on Howard's tales of the Murder ranch and New England legendry (with reference to "The Picture in the House," Governor Bradford, and Cotton Mather) seguing into local history (particularly the importation of criminals and poor whites to Massachusetts over black slaves) and a lengthy discussion of Margaret Murray's witch-cult hypothesis (in collaboration with some euhemeristic elements from Arthur Machen's fiction) in that context and tying back in to the Salem Witch Trials; on Howard's ancestry (and on Louise Imogen Guiney, some Irish neighbors from his youth, Lovecraft's own Celtic ancestry, and that of his friend Bernard Austin Dwyer); a few brief lines on the legends of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Endless Caverns in Virginia; on foreign immigrants overrunning the United States; Lovecraft just finished typing "The Whisperer in Darkness."

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