FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Elizabeth Toldridge
March 1930


Notes on Toldridge's poetry, on publishing the Fungi from Yuggoth, on The Circle, on correcting manuscripts, on Toldridge's poem When Souls Strike Fire seguing into a discussion of Sigmund Freud and his successors and the concept of love, on some cuttings Toldridge had sent (with reference to Charles Fort, "The Colour Out of Space," and the half-completed "The Whisperer in Darkness"), on the discovery of a planet beyond Neptune, on the lost city of Queretaro and Carlsbad Cavern, more on The Circle and some additional cuttings (particularly regarding painted windows, half-mythological Irish history, etc), the arrival of the dinosaur bone from Clark Ashton Smith, a good title for a poem (and Victorian aesthetics), on Lovecraft and Providence, on Clark Ashton Smith's fiction and the Salem witch descendant. Postscript on an art lecture Lovecraft attended.

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