FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Woodburn Harris


Warning that at 70 pages this is the longest letter Lovecraft has ever written; on American civilization; on the difference between the ancient Greek and modern view of the universe (including references to tragedy, Shakespeare, etc.); on the machine age and culture; on eroticism and race seguing into a discussion of romantic love, perfect love as an emotional and artistic goal, spiritual love, nudity, the future of erotic customs in the Western World (the decrease of marriage and rise of promiscuity, etc.), a list of causes for the change in erotic standards, Lovecraft's personal preference for chastity and marriage, arguing against the sexual frigidity of women (and sex for the purposes of propagation), on the depiction of sex and love in the literature of antiquity, polyandry, birth control, on older women seeking out male prostitutes, and the decline of monogamy (with reference to Bertrand Russel, Sigmund Freud, Havelock Ellis, etc.); on Walter Lippmann; on the need for research and contemplation (with an aside on vocabulary); on material living; on personal biases (with an aside on cultural influence on poetic expression); on democracy; on his wish for a dominant Anglo-Saxon culture; on social classes (with reference to communism); on the worth of living in America with its changing society; on the exaltation of the individual and the death of democracy; postulating a machine-age future; on the likely inability for Lovecraft and Harris to come to agreement; on Joseph Wood Krutch (and pessimism); on the ego; on what we have already lost.

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