FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Frank Belknap Long
November 1927


A lengthy and wandering epistle by Lovecraft on The Worm Ouroboros, humor in its proper place, Samuel Loveman getting a new shop, some ancestral research that led to Welsh ancestors and the family legend of "The Luck of Eden Hall," visits by W. Paul Cook, recent reading/book purchases (mainly classical history), a quick note on Donald Wandrei's writing, a lengthy note on how popular writers should keep a healthy skepticism (particularly against supposed occultists and magicians), among other subjects.

The H. P. Lovecraft Dream Book includes text from the fifth chapter of Long's The Horror from the Hills (1930), which is taken verbatim from this letter. It is a recalling of a lengthy dream where Lovecraft imagined himself a Roman legionnaire on the outskirts of the Empire, where he dealt with a Machenesque small, dark native folk and one of the horrors called up from their rights. The same dream is given in a letter to Donald Wandrei and a letter to Bernard Austin Dwyer.

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