FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Clark Ashton Smith


Thanks for Smith's illustration for "The Doom that Came to Sarnath"; praise for "Infernos" (sent via Alfred Galpin); Lovecraft lent Smith's drawing to Frank Belknap Long (who had copied Odes and Sonnets on his typewriter), and included some of his work under separate cover ("Flowers of Iniquity," "The Eye Above the Mantel," "In the Tomb of Semenses," "The Migration of Birds," "At the Home of Poe"); Lovecraft sending Smith some of his own work: "The Tree," "Memory," "Ex Oblivione," "The Crawling Chaos," "Poetry and the Gods," "Nyarlathotep," "The White Ship," "The Statement of Randolph Carter" (inspired by a dream involving Samuel Loveman), and "Herbert West—Reanimator" (which Lovecraft has a low opinion of); on "The Lurking Fear," and Lovecraft's recommendation of Smith to illustrate it (with mention of Edgar Allan Poe and Ambrose Bierce); praise for Smith's drawings, and hoping for Smith as an illustrator for his tales, comparing them to Sidney Sime and Lord Dunsany; on "The Daemon, The Angel, and Beauty" (with mention of Loveman), on Smith's forthcoming Ebony and Crystal (and the lack of fame), mention of Loveman's new book Twenty-One Letters of Ambrose Bierce.

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