FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Rheinhart Kleiner


Lovecraft on his mother's painting (and his own lack of talent at the same); his failure at music, general inability with languages besides Latin, lack of ability with mathematics, and his moderate ability with chemistry (until he got to organic chemistry); autobiographical writings on his birth, family, and family history - including meeting Louise Imogene Guiney as a toddler on a family vacation, Winfield Scott Lovecraft's illness and death, his ability to read at the age of 4, the death of his grandmother in 1896, the early books he read and theater he attended, his early schooling, his first juvenile attempts at writing, early academic interests (in science, geography, and history), his first telescope, the influence of his uncles Dr. Franklin Chase Clark and Mr. Gamwell, declining health forcing him out of high school, early letters and articles published in local newspapers, the death of Whipple Phillips in 1904 and subsequent diminished fortunes of the family forcing a move, writing "The Alchemist" for The United Amateur and early verse for The Evening Bulletin, an early letter to The Argosy that roused up a great cry in the letters column (see H. P. Lovecraft in the Argosy), which resulted in Lovecraft being contacted by the U.A.P.A.; also recounts the dreams he had of night-gaunts after his grandmother passed away.

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