For the purposes of this wiki, books are all non-internet-based, non-periodical self-contained published works, including chapbooks, published correspondence, and tangential works, but not journals, annuals, reoccurring fanzines, web-published essays and articles, etcetera. For ease of browsing books are further broken down by type, there is also a list of books in alphabetical order.

Biographies, Studies, & Memoirs

Books about the life of various authors of weird fiction.

Monographs & Chapbooks

Small chapterbooks, often stapled rather than bound, on a single subject.


Collections of articles or essays, often from a periodical.


Books concerned principally with literary or artistic criticism of weird fiction.


Works or collections of fiction, included mainly for forewords, introductions, prefaces, afterwords, annotations, notes and footnotes of scholarly interest.

Published Letters

See Correspondence

Reference Works

Bibliographies, concordances, dictionaries, and other related non-critical works.


Books that touch on matters of interest, but often only at a single point or article and otherwise not of general interest to weird fiction scholarship.

Theses and Dissertations

Academic documents submitted for an academic degree. Often represent considerable research, but rarely published or made widely available.

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